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Today's Bandcamp Purchases

Today I purchased two albums from Bandcamp on a whim.

Music for Nine Post Cards

Music for Nine Post Cards is an album of ambient music by Hiroshi Yoshimura. Perfect album to daydream to while laying in the sun. Also great to have on when pondering something.

Here is the link to purchase the album digitally. Vinyl copies of Music for Nine Post Cards can be ordered through Light In The Attic records as well.

If you end up liking the music please check out the album GREEN by the same artist.

30​.​7​.​94 Live

30​.​7​.​94 Live by Sun Electric is another ambient album. Perhaps less relaxing than Music for Nine Post Cards but it is just as enjoyable. The recordings fade into the background well when working, and are also a great listen.

30.7.94 Live is available to purchase digitally on Bandcamp. If you want it on vinyl you'll probably have to go through discogs and I don't think the physical releases have the exact same tracks on them.

Both these albums are awesome so I'd encourage you to give them a listen!

This is my day 99 post for #100daystooffload

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