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Trying Out Sublime Text 3

I've been trying out Sublime Text 3 the last few days. So far I've been enjoying learning how to use it, though I do keep running into one bug related to Gnome 3.38.

After going through Sublime Tutor and seeing what it can do I was impressed and might end up buying a license. If I do switch from Emacs I did notice somebody is even working on an org mode package for Sublime!

The package enabling vi key bindings (which I am slowly learning) in Sublime Text is called Vintage and seems to work fine for my needs. It should also be noted that Sublime Text 4 is currently in private alpha though I'm not sure when they plan to release it.

Using vi key bindings with Sublime Text 3 seems to be working for me, so we will see where my relationship with this text editor goes in the future!

This is my day 95 post for #100daystooffload

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