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WaniKani and KameSame

Now that I've (more or less) memorized hiragana, my Japanese studies have moved on to kanji (also katakana). Learning kanji is hard so luckily I have WakiKani to help me out!

WaniKani is a web application for learning Japanese kanji and vocabulary with the goal of teaching you around 1,700 kanji and 5,000 vocabulary words in about one to two years. It was created by the people behind Tofugu and seems like a great program though I am still only on level one. The program works by using spaced repetition. This means that the more often you get the reading or meaning of something right the less often you will be forced to recall that particular radical, kanji, or vocabulary. There is a more detailed explanation of how everything works on the site.

I haven't gotten to using it yet but to go with WaniKani there is also KameSame! WaniKani is free for the first three levels however KameSame is completely free (though it does have a patreon). I'm not sure I totally understand the service yet so I will link to its description.

If you are learning Japanese I would highly recommend at least checking out WaniKani. It seems to be working well for me even in my beginning stages of learning the language.

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