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410+ .md documents

I went ahead and downloaded ALL of my “small journals” (14 of them – 30-ish entries, each) from the Joplin application, and I saved them in pCloud in their own File appropriately titled “small journals”. Each “small journal” had at least one folder called “Untitled”, though, and I didn't bother renaming them, I just skipped them (didn't save them).

So now there is the “Writing” section of pCloud, and the “small journals” section, and all of that is writing stuff. (there is also a few good photographs I have taken over the years saved, and a few other random bits and bobs, but not writing-related).

So now, I think everything even mildly significant that I have written since 2016 or so is on pCloud. So, I guess I AM somewhat of an archivist! Haha!

Handwritten stuff? All gone. I had several notebooks as well as the backs of the pages from The Typewriter Papers filled up with handwritten stuff (I just took Page 1/Volume 1, and flipped it over and started writing with ink pen onto it at one point).

So this begs the question: why write so much?

And I will not even bother to try to explain any of it to myself or anyone else. Maybe it will be of use to someone else or myself someday, but for now it's just stuff worth hammering on about :)

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