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6:45 AM pipe and coffee

Some fresh Virginia tobacco out of a freshly-cleaned custom briar pipe (custom in the sense that I swapped out the garbage acrylic mouthpiece that it came with for a plastic mouthpiece from an old cob), and a hot cup of coffee has what I need to get the day started :P

Damn, this is good coffee, too! Decided to make it single-scoop this time (Schnucks brand instant) and it is just what the doctor ordered! With this particular brand, it NEEDS to be single-scoop, because it is too potent (espresso) otherwise.

Anyway, at some time today (probably 9:00 AM) I will walk over to Schnucks and get a few things – a short list of things that can easily be carried home.

Now, it is 62F outside with a chance of rain. So a hike may not happen this morning, like I had kinda wanted to. So unless it stays cool throughout the day, I will be inside for most of it.

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