a dark and stormy night

Got the AC going, but the sliding glass door cracked open juuust a bit, so I can hear the breeze and feel/smell the cool pre-storm air move through the courtyard. Inner cloud lightening is going off in the sky above, leaves rustling in the wind, and soon it will be pouring rain here.

I made camp coffee to enjoy the weather conditions, and am looking forward to what is moving through. Because even though the air is “cool”, it is still kinda warm, and warm rains WERE my favorite weather, until several years of average rain and too much humidity. Now, I think snow storms are my favorite weather.

I am going to make a playlist called “Deep Winter Black Metal” on Tidal, I think, and make it full of cold, desolate, ambient Black Metal. Starting with Devilgroth (Siberian BM (if they are even on Tidal)), and then Paysage D'Hiver (which translates to “Winter Landscape”), and others. Gonna start on this now, just to be ready.