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a failed joke (Nirvana Edition)

I just realized the failed joke by Kurt Cobain on Unplugged in New York in the banter between the songs “Plateau” and “Oh Me” – Grohl (or someone) said “No, I'm Thing one, and that is Thing two”, and Kurt says “cover your face and eyes with hair, then”.

What Kurt was thinking of was the character It from The Adam's Family, who was a small person/creature that was head-to-toe covered in long hair. Thing was a lone (severed?) hand that walked around the house making various gestures and was actually a pretty regular part of the show.

Got the names mixed up, but was referencing the right show, so...yea.

Anyway, I just got done listening to most of Unplugged in New York and reading about the death of Kurt on Wikipedia, as it was his birthday not long ago from what I understand. A tragic figure, indeed. The movie Montage of Heck is very difficult to watch. I think a lot of people (myself included) admired/envied his success and fame, but I don't think anyone would've honestly wanted to trade places with Kurt Cobain. He was a tormented person who had a lot of issues. May he R.I.P.