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a new TV (is likely not happening soon)

In fact, a “new” TV is likely not happening at all. There is a chance in the near future that the moms will get a new 70-ish inch television set (because she likes the ones that my sister and niece both have), and when she does get it, I am going to request that I get her old TV. I think she would be OK with this, because she said “what will I do with the old TV?”, and I didn't say anything then, but I am almost positive it is not spoken for.

The reason I do not have a television currently, is because the “best” one I can get for the $$$ is an LG NanoCell unit (42 inch) which has all the proper IO on it that would be necessary costs $350+. Starting. Not too bad, but it's more scratch than what I am willing to put out for a TV right now. But obviously a free TV I would not turn down.

But then there is the issue of the shelving unit that it would occupy, and I would have to get a halfway decent one of those. Easy enough, but the whole thing seems like (and is) a big mess. LOL! But, if a TV is made avail to me at any point, I will go out of my way to buy a shelf/stand/entertainment center/whatever.

Anyway, this stuff is not terribly important, just thought I would jot some stuff down about it.

Afternoon here is nice, warm. Had coffee. Cruising through the day. However, there has been no callback from the caseworker (whom I left a message for yesterday afternoon), so I'm will to bet dollars for dimes she has written off the callback and I will have to hound her (again!) to please return my call, so I will do so first thing in the morning, because all the stuff we need to get done NEEDS to get done within the next week (meaning this week), and there is simply no way we can put it off. She doesn't understand (at all apparently) the severity and seriousness of the situation, and is being very cavalier about the whole thing, but that, in the end, will come back to bite her because the stuff we are dealing with is incredibly important.

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