A sunny Fall day

Got up, took a gamble on the vending machines (again) to see if they would vend what I paid for, and they did โ€“ I got lucky. Now, I am having a pop and some Virginia tobacco, enjoying the #stlwx with the sliding glass door open.

Also, I watched the trailer for the movie The Inventor (about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos) and it makes me want to see that movie again. I think I saw it right when it came out, and it was a brilliantly made film, and a disgustingly sick person (Holmes).

Had vivid dreams last night, and had them all through the night, from 3:30 AM until 10:30 AM, when I woke up. Strange stuff.

But anyway, it is 68F outside right now, rained this AM (before I woke up), and now the smell of post-rain air + abundant sunshine is making today one of those โ€œa couple times a yearโ€ weather days, and it is delightful.

Gonna enjoy it