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ah, yes, rants and rubbish (lol)

I just read what I thought would be a fairly insightful (blog?) post on 500ish (warning: Medium link), which is a blog/pub/whatever I keep up with from time to time, but the author did NOT hold back in terms of ranting/raving about how bad Facebook is, how it “is screwed”, and how they need to just stop BEING Facebook and move along to something else because they are being devoured by the general public as well as the U.S government.

I agree, of course. But I don't have anything “special” to add to the conversation that the world, FB users, former FB users, and lawmakers are having about the fate of the service. It's a bad scene – malicious, ugly, manipulative, and just flat-out toxic for society and for anyone/everyone who dares goes down into the belly of the beast and spends time on there. So, I will just keep specific opinions to myself (as there are too many to rant about in a single journal entry), and just let the cards fall where they may.

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