busted machine

Earlier, I got a Dr Pepper from the vending machine. It was covered in what seemed like exploded soda from another can of...whatever. So when I got home, I put it under the faucet and cleaned it up before having it. Then, just now, I went to fetch another soda, and the Dr Pepper clearly “vended” (or was released from the machine's “rack” or whatever), but halfway down it got stuck on something and did not release. So, now there is a Dr Pepper lodged in the machine, and I am without a soda.

It could actually help the vending machine guy a LOT if he would do some simple, basic maintenance on his machines (he owns the vending machines with chips and whatnot beside the soda machine, too) – just get the measurements for the chip dispenser right so they are not constantly getting hung up on the ring, or do whatever the hell that needs to be done to the coin/cash unit on the soda machine so people's money i snot constantly being taken from them. If it's not the change getting stuck, it's the dollar bills. If not the dollar bills, then the sodas or/and chips, themselves. It renders the machines useless and he loses money. Foolish.