coffee makes the world go 'round

Just some black instant coffee, and listening to random songs on Tidal – that is what I am doing tonight.

Adore the song “Southside” by Moby (that is playing right now).

There's just something about some music – I just switched it over to Moby's song “We Are All Made of Stars”, and there is a Jazz-like element to the guitar that makes one (almost) hear their feelings. Like, there is something there, that is not there, but you hear it, and it is beautiful.

Got nothing on the agenda for tomorrow, as I think the New Balance shoes are in Earth City, MO. still, so, I will not be receiving them Sunday, like I was hoping. But Monday they will arrive, and then sit on the 'rents front porch for a day or so, because no one will be at their house to retrieve them because she (the moms) will be out of town. But Wednesday, they will be dropped off here, and I am looking forward to getting them, of course. Good birthday gift, indeed :)

OK, gonna wrap up this listening sesh (and cup of coffee) with some Paramore.

Back later