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cooling off

The tap water in my apartment (in both kitchen and bathroom) refuses to get cold no matter how long I run it, so, I am cooling down another 16 ounce Nalgene water bottle in the freezer, after having just cooled one down and drinking it.

Drinking warm water is almost dehydrating. It's like salt water. Like when I drink hot coffee, I don't feel “hydrated” in any way, it is just a thing that I can drink and not die. And also, cold water and the reaction my body has to it when drank, makes me just feel a lot better, psychologically. Like I did something good for myself.

Anyway, took out the trash, started dishes, cleaned up the kitchen with Clorox Wipes, made things tidy. And now, making coffee, continuing on with the night. And I am surprised to see it is almost 10:00 PM already, as I thought it was only like 8:45. Whatever.

Be back soon

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