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dehumanized Discord

I created a Discord account, which I will not use. Started a server on there, which I will not use (called the “no socials social club”). Installed Discord for the Mac, of course, which again, I will not use (in fact, I've since UNinstalled it). And I found the service (appearance-wise anyway) to be very Twitch-like, and annoyingly bubbly, and just too many things to too many people. Not “skeleton” enough for me, I suppose. Haha.

It's also a terrible place to host the thing I was thinking of hosting (the “no socials social club”), because it is filled with social media...DNA. To hell with that.

I'm more likely to be some type of low-key 21st Century Luddite than “be where people are” online. I love socializing IRL, and doing things/going places, IRL. But the fact that I am sitting in front of a computer in my apartment with NO ONE around at the moment – it's abundantly obvious that I am alone, and I have zero interest in sharing my mood/thoughts about such a scenario with strangers online when I am IN that scenario. Essentially, no one needs to communicate (in real time!) on the Internet when there is no “energy” there, when there is no body language, tone of voice, nor consequence for having said the right thing, the wrong thing, etc. Even virtual reality couldn't change this – so maybe we should stop trying to invent new “things” by using technology, and just DO different things that we already have access to?

But, of course this is complete blasphemy for the times that we live in – people want a screen, a camera, distance, and (perceived) safety. Gutless communication, and by that I mean no “gut feelings” (be they good or bad) when something interesting/notable happens.

Suffice it to say, I find digital communication to be somewhat of a gross thing. Send an e-mail here and there, or a text? OK, fine. Devolving one's entire psychological (or even spiritual) framework to be dependent on that of a digital medium, while simultaneously forfeiting the one (and perhaps only?) thing that makes us human (that “thing” being interaction)? No. It won't/can't fly.

Having a preference for communication/correspondence/interaction for the sheer SAKE of doing so – that's humanity. Subletting that to any (or all) online communications is almost worse for us, because then we have an excuse (an excuse which we were never looking for, by the way) to ignore IRL interaction. Convenience can be, and is, great in many ways – but, it (human communication) was never perceived (by me, anyway) as an inconvenience for even a fleeting moment in my life.