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dWeb winning doesn't skirt personal responsibility

There's a big push for the “decentralized web”, “dWeb”, or “Web3” (depending on who you ask) to be the “next big thing”, and for the social networks and centralized Mega Tech Co's to take a hike and for individuals to control their own activity and info on the WWW. Having individual sovereignty on the internet is something that should have never went away (and never did go away 100% for some), but IDK if this will be the dWeb winning or Big Tech™ just faltering under the new laws/regulations they are being hammered with (and rightfully so!) in Washington D.C. right now?

Either way, it seems to be what is happening, and I am A-OK with it happening.

So, the little guys win back the WWW (hopefully forever). Good deal.


There is greed in this world. And ambition. And thirst for power. So how long before people (people on the Internet and entrepreneurs) see what is all going on, and find a way around what is built-in to the (new, or will be new) laws/regulations that are expected to be enforced against Big Tech?

It's a question we (everyone) will likely face in the coming decade. Assuming there is an internet to speak of in the coming decade.

So, that makes me think of the purpose/utility of the internet, in general – why DO people use it so much? I mean, I know why so many people use it, and that is because (for now) there are social networks there. At least I assume that is why so many people partake, as I don't remember ever hearing about all these non-tech savvy randos using computers all the time pre-Facebook. It wasn't just the FB bandwagon so many people were hopping onto, it was “OMG! The Internet is finished, now! We can actually use it!” – that type of an attitude. And now, with so many people conditioned (is the word I will use) to use their phone (or whatever other device they may have) every single day, I meekly ask: how will people pass the time?

Of course, I am assuming any/all social networks are disrupted to the point of no longer resembling anything like what they are today – but, that is me very much so getting ahead of myself, because I have no crystal ball. And it doesn't matter in the end, anyway. I mean ffs, cigarettes still exist (which many people still partake in (myself included)) and it has been decades since we realized the cancer-causing characteristics of them (as well as their addictive traits). So, people who are “gonna social” are “gonna social” – it's simply the mass adoption of those networks that is alarming (which has been the case for a very long time now). And it is (it SO TOTALLY is) up to the individual to do “the right thing” and opt to use or not use a toxic website, application, whatever. And many (most, I would imagine) of the end-users are not what THEY would consider “addicts”, or the TYPE of person to become an addict – yet, here we are.

Anyway, I suppose it comes down to individual choice or preference. Some people bask and glow in the centralized world of hyper convenience. Other people find it to be a privacy violation and an appalling use (and abuse) of our own technologies against us (or at least everyone in the developed world where internet is accessible). Hopefully the tide continues to turn in a positive way for the latter camp, and the former camp will simply have to “figure out something else”.

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