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good coffee to pick up the afternoon

Plus a mango to boot. Mangoes are definitely in-season right now, they are the size of half a football and almost too ripe, but delicious. Coffee is always in-season in my life, just cranking up the AC when it is too hot to enjoy it. I took a mega nap, and am feeling quite rested. Also, more hydrated, too.

Oddly (or maybe not so oddly), I find my mind drifting into development type of thoughts before I fall asleep. Like a “what if I did this, what if I changed that” type of scenario. I usually know when I am about to fall asleep, too, because I tend to feel like I am dreaming before I actually doze off. Things (thoughts) will make no logical sense at all, but they will make TOTAL sense when I am having them before sleep comes. I honestly think I will have solved ALL of the issues I had in the night prior within just a few seconds of closing my eyes, but then I soon realize that, no, this is just dream logic.

Anyway, it's a hot day outside, and I look forward to cooler temps again (as I mentioned many times before) so I can get in my hikes. I miss my hikes immensely. They are the best.

OK, continuing with the day

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