good morning, all

8:50 AM, and I woke up at 8:30, so I've been sloshing around for about 20 minutes, but I managed to start coffee and now it is cooling, blah, blah same morning routine.

I'm expecting stuff in the mail, but not the stuff I was supposed to be getting (according to Informed Delivery by USPS, anyway – but they may have just not scanned in the thing I am expecting today). Hope it arrives today, because if it doesn't, then that means in all likelihood it was sent to the wrong address, which would be terribly inconvenient.

But, the shoes are still arriving on-time to the 'rents house today (out for delivery by UPS from Crystal City, MO., which is the nearest UPS location, I believe). And those will be dropped off here on Wednesday, and then I will break them in with some small, local walks around here, and hopefully Thursday or Friday I will get in a proper hike :)

Damn, this coffee is good :P

I think this is all I have to offer this morning. Just wanted to hammer some text for S&G's.