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hot coffee on a 55 degree morning

“What great hiking weather”, I thought. But then I remembered that I need to do laundry still this AM and have jack sxxx to wear for the hike :/ So, a hike may not happen today, but I can get one in soon, for sure.

So that brings me to this morning's activities: do laundry, go to Schnucks, clean up the apartment, and maybe do web dev stuff. Aside from doing the old sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade yesterday, I didn't do anything with the VPS whatsoever yesterday.

But now, now it is a nice morning (very nice), and the Schnucks brand instant coffee is very nice, too.

No clue what I will pick up from Schnucks when I go there around 9:00 AM, but likely it will involve iced coffee and some form of fruit.

Back later