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I dunno, so Intentional Writing it will be

I used to have a thing where I would just title a blog post “intentional writing” and then start hammering away text despite not knowing what I was going to say (like now), but it's been a minute since I have done that. So, what is there to say in this moment? What's on the “back of my mind”?

Other than I sorta feel I need a “win” in the dev space to feel good about the hobby again (aka, I need the e-mail form to be functional in a few days/week to feel like I've “done something”), there isn't much else bothering me. And I realize I don't NEED the forms to work properly straight away, but when I work away at a thing for a set period of time, I would like something to come of it (why wouldn't I?). And also, I felt “lost” or discombobulated, in a sense, in terms of where I was going/what I was doing with Thanx. I mean I always knew what I was doing with it, but where to go next was the issue I was having. Finally, I just put my foot down and said “I am going to do X thing, and that's it!”, and now I am doing that thing and when it is finished, I will have a head start on the next thing. And IDGAF what that “next thing” will be, I'll deal with it when I get there :)

So, keeping things (in dev and in life) small and manageable. So I feel good about that. Good to write it out, have a place to “flesh out” these things.

6:30 PM now, looking forward to the sun setting and getting back into it :)

More later

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