I worked on some zine stuff a bit ago. It's too late into the middle of the night to make anything close to an entire (compilation) zine right now, but I came up with the cover for it. And I am calling it β€œquinary zine”, because it is a compilation of β€œthe best” stuff from the first five (hence quinary) issues of The Zine Around The Corner. I don't know when it will be done, or if there will be any demand for it, but I know some people I know IRL would appreciate a copy of it (when it is done), so I will make the thing anyway.

This is replacing the idea I had (which was nothing more than a title) for β€œ/// zine”, because that title was meaningless, and there was no predetermined blueprint with what I want to do/where I wanted to go with that particular zine.

Anyhow, the coffee is good this morning, and I have to be at the 'rents at noon today to do XYZ tasks around their house – mostly yard waste cleanup and other horticultural duties.

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