location, location, location

I like where I live. It's one of the few apartment complexes in this general area that are tolerable (meaning one of the few that are nice).

Sidenote: there's that “is/are” scenario again. In terms of proper usage, I have no idea if I am using them properly or not. I just hammer out crap and hope and pray that the words sound ok. Most of the time, they do (I guess). But, when I have to use either “is” or “are” – neither seem to ever make sense to me. And sometimes they ARE interchangable, but other times they aren't. It's a terrible (and amateurish) mistake I probably make more often than not, and it makes me sound like a dunce.

Either way, I realize that I can (probably) afford a different (and even better) apartment in due time, but I will not even pretend like I have intentions of moving, because this complex is pretty good as it is. Plus the neighborhood is fairly decent (unless one goes across Baumgartner Road – that apartment complex SUCKS!)

Ideally, if own land. Which I've talked about a lot before in years past. But, land costs a fortune (in America – even in the St Louis region), so, I doubt this is going to happen anytime soon.

I'm tired. Back later.