my own autodidact sort of way

I used to go to websites like and in order to derive some sort of inspiration for getting into dev work (either for the evening, or in between sessions, or whatever), and this is very foolish. I do not (and WILL not) rely on other people to “push me forward”. I can be, and always have been, a “self-propelled autodidact”, to put it most simply, and I am going to keep it this way.

Also, I see where the whole thing is going: I look up to, or “get inspired by” such and such devs and other work that is occurring in the space, and then I get hooked, and then, X amount of years wasted with not much at all getting done. I am going to jam a stick in the spoke on that cycle Right Now, and just go at things on my own. No need for someone else to do/figure out things I want to do, etc.

So, glad I stuck a feather in that cap :)

Back later