never realized

I thought about the zine just a second ago, and how it could have been called “TM Zine” (like TMO, only forgoing my last initial and adding “zine”), and how much that sounds like “TMZ” (or, Thirty Mile Zone), the celebrity tabloid website. I literally never looked at the similarities between “TMO” and “TMZ” before – I just noticed that “TMO” often refers to T-Mo(bile) phone carrier in the U.S.


Anyway, thinking about the zine tonight and how I would like to compile some printed out copies of a “1.0” issue – because as of now, these are all “warm up” zines, in a way (issues 1-5). Some issues (usually Issue. 1) have been downloaded a couple dozen times (according to pCloud stats), and some issues have been downloaded a little bit less than that. But, printed is the key word for the “1.0” issue, never digital (which I just decided on just now ;))

So, if anyone has any interest, e-mail me (, and Thanx!