no sleep, so coffee instead

Slept for maybe an hour, but that is to be expected considering I napped so much on Sunday. Now, it is Monday, and the NB shoes are in Crystal City, MO. (my old stomping grounds!), and will be delivered sometime today. They will not be retrieved today, I don't think (in fact, I KNOW they won't), but I will be able to get them on Wednesday, so, awesome.

Question: is minimalism still effective?

There are layers to this question, so I will immediately preface it with “effective” does not mean “still trendy”, “still in-vogue”, “still popular on YouTube”, etc. – what effective means, is does it spark one's interest (in general) or does that same (old) spark persist after years of practice. Because I think that people could practice minimalism in the same way that they practice anything:

Like vegetarianism? Be vegetarian.

Like doing programming stuff? Do programming stuff.

Like writing all the time? Write all the time.

(these are more in relation to me, but, yea)

Basically, if it's a thing one LIKES to do, then just DO it. That is all.

But to answer my previously implied question, yes, it DOES maintain an (old) spark of freshness, newness, rejuvenation, in many ways, and I will always (probably) practice it, and I do not see this stopping anytime in the near future.

So, I guess that is what I am getting around to saying: do I still like it? I mean I don't bother justifying it anymore, because it is not “new” (to me) in any sense, and many people have heard of, or even tried, the lifestyle, so it isn't quite “foreign” to people in the West anymore. From 2010-2013 though, I had to explain myself quite often, haha. Or people felt they were owed an explanation (which they weren't). But I would usually say “it's for the environment”, or “it's to make a statement”, or “it is for more mental clarity/headspace”, but only the third reason I actually BELIEVED in. And it may be why I still pursue this way of living – less to worry about. Less responsibilities. Less baggage (emotional and physical), etc. Sort of a cross between the Up In The Air philosophy from the George Clooney movie and the Fight Club philosophy from the Brad Pitt movie (which is also a great book). Like “how much does your life weigh?” and “the shit you own, ends up owning you”.

Love that stuff

The coffee is good, dark, bold. And the breeze is going strong outside at this hour, so I will step out on the balcony and enjoy it for a bit :)