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So, I have all my notes in Standard Notes, as it is a good application that I have been using since forever, and this is my “2 dev resources” folder. Why the “2”? Because I want this folder to be the second from the top, just underneath “1 dev”. I do not think there is a way to “order” the list of folders in SN without some tag manipulation :/

In 1 dev, I have my “jot pad”, my “random dev commands”, and “Master To-Do List” files, and that is all well and good but I will not screenshot it because it is mixed with other domain purchase ideas, and if someone sees them, they could buy them before I do, and then I'm out of luck! LOL!

Anyway, in 2 dev resources, I have things I may need to reference long term. Such as the start to “finish” of how to set up (and kinda manage) a MySQL db, icon packs I may use in the future, my plans for doing open source stuff (in Winter 2021, and beyond), and a “If From Start...Then” file where I have all the line items I would have to do in order to get a VPS going for a new project. I memorized most of that, but good to have a resource for it. Kind of like a manual Docker, lol! And then a couple other files for other random bits and bobs.

I don't know why I am sharing this, other than I love SN, and think it is a very good application.

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