quick and dirty cleanup (of a page, not the entire project)

Previously, things on the profile.php page for Thanx were catywompus, uneven, no good – so, I deleted the textarea there (NOT the one I am working with for the db thing), and evened things up a bit. And now everything looks much better :)

Just a simple box that states:

you are thanx.cc/tmo


...and then whatever messages are typed into the page I have set up at thanx.cc/tmo would IDEALLY go into the db and then show up underneath where it says “messages”. And right now, those messages DO go there, but there is no db connected to save them, or/and re-“echo” them, so that I can see them every time I visit the page.

There may be some confusion surrounding what I described, because thanx.cc/profile.php STATES that I am thanx.cc/tmo, but, thanx.cc/tmo is actually my UN/handle, and if I, or anyone, goes to thanx.cc/tmo (instead of thanx.cc/profile.php), then THAT is where the messages can be sent.

Simple, eh?

Much easier if seen with one's own eyes. But don't visit the page, don't sign up, I can't do anything and you are putting random bits of info onto a rando's (me) db, and that is unwise. Also, nothing works yet, anyway, so...

Nevertheless, I cleaned up my profile. Good deal.

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