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I've been delinquent in my water consumption for the past few days, I think. Been feeling wonky, out of sorts, and cramping up easily – turns out, I was just not drinking enough water. The tap(s) in my apartment dispense cold water, but not very cold water, so I have not been as interested in drinking it. I mean when I am thirsty, I am thirsty, but usually I drink 2+ Liters a day. Not the case as of recently. So, I am making an effort to drink more water, even though the #stlwx has heated the pipes underground to the point where the water coming from the COLD tap feels like it is set to WARM.

I will drink enough water today, for sure.

It' almost 2:00 PM now, and the day has gone by quickly, or so it seems. Nothing too mythical happening in my world at the moment, but, whatever.

Sometimes I feel like I should have been more careful of what I wished for in life. The staying at home (alone) most of the time, the Lone Wolf™ attitude I have about myself in the world, the complete insularity of my character – I don't see it going that great for me – long term. At some point, I will need to find a roommate, or a significant other, or whatever the case. Like the Peanuts cartoon goes: “things are better when shared, Charlie Brown”. Finding like-minded kin is certainly a priority in my life.

Good to recognize this

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