ringing in another late night with proper coffee

Or at least camp coffee, but I made it properly this time, anyway. The trick is, is to bring the water to a full rolling boil before adding the coffee grounds. That way, all of the grounds settle right around the time the coffee is cool enough to drink. Works good.

Let's talk about “times”, though, shall we?

I don't mean THE times (as in a newspaper or something), I mean times in one's life.

I always come back to different times in my life even if I am not feeling nostalgic whatsoever. Not in a “sick” way – it isn't like I am “there” or anything like that, but in the sense that I potently remember parts of my life that changed me for the REST of my life, probably. Good times (like Job Corps), bad times (like the Army), more good times (like attending JeffCo in 2011/12), bad times (like falling into a depression and needing to get rid of my dog). But, I remember all of it quite vividly, and sometimes I wish I didn't :/

I guess we all “have a past” and need to go back to or/and reference such and such event(s) in order to see who we are, what we are made of. I forget who said it, but: “circumstances do not MAKE a man, circumstances reveal a man to himself”.

So, that's where I am with that.

The coffee is delightful. Bold, dark, almost thick, too.

And since I have the energy to talk (write) about it, I will take note on where I am at with web dev, as well:

I have not worked on the Thanx project in probably 1.5 weeks. I know where I'm at (as I always do (usually), and I am not “lost in the sauce” or anything), I have a good idea of how to implement what it is that I want to do, but actually getting there is another issue all on it's own. As I mentioned in previous entries, working with a db is Burnout City, and it takes a lot out of me. I want to wait until November 1 before I revisit the project again (but I might revisit it before then? IDK).

I know one thing though, once I have everything setup and working properly, there is some MAJOR cleanup I have to do around the VPS. I have all these useless/“dead” files that aren't serving a purpose, I have everything scattered about in a mess on the Atom editor (because I never figured out how to use a code editor properly), and I have to buy an external SSD to back up everything locally. And while I am at that, I will deduct the $2 per mo for automatic backups on the VPS, as well, as that is a service Linode offers, and is totally worth it.

So, just getting more organized, basically.

Also, there is a slim chance that I do not make Thanx a public product. I may utilize it for my own, and (maybe) make it opensource as I had planned to in Winter 2021/22, and just keep it like that. That way, I do not have to deal with “users” (or customers), or a db that is high-maintenance, or whatever the case – just a personal message board for people to send whatever it is they want to send my way.

Again, nothing has been decided on that front, yet. I will update here when I think on it some more. For tonight, though, I think I will turn on backups on Linode and clean up the Atom editor.

Back later