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some coffee to accompany the sunset

Well, the sun having already set, because it went down at 6:45 tonight, and it is 7:45 now. Darkness, a good thing ;)

Also, cleaned up the kitchen, and started dishes, had dinner, and now writing.

Doesn't mean I have anything particular to write about, though, as I am all written out from the last blog post, which admittedly was a bit too much on the “waxing philosophical” side of how I usually write (I usually do not write such high-minded junk), but I guess since I could write it, I decided to write it.

And even though I pay attention (more so than what is necessary, probably) to that stuff (dWeb, Big Tech monopolies, etc.) I don't think that everyone else needs to be exposed to hearing about those topics. And at the end of the day, I have no say in what happens, or what people choose to do – I can only decide for me, and take direction of my own life. It matters very little to me what other people do.

So, sorry if I can across as “preachy”, I try not to sound like some grandstanding asshole, if I can avoid it.

OK, gonna go read my Feedbin RSS feed now – which has a fair amount of grandstanding assholes on it (unfortunately).

Back later