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some good coffee for a good afternoon

And a warm and sunny afternoon, it is. I have the AC cranked to 68 and it is still a bit warm in here. I feel good, though.

And yes, the coffee is good, too. Which I am having post-nap after I woke up early (enough) and did laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, straightened up the apartment, and doing all of that without needing to take Tylenol for tooth pain this AM – Thank Dog! I still need to get the tooth extraction or whatever, but in the meantime, being pain-free and without the need for liver toxic anti-inflammatories (sp?) is a nice change of pace.

No hike happened this AM (as I expected) because it was warming up fast and I had laundry to do, but I will get one in soon. The cold-cold weather is supposed to hit next week and stay here! I hope the rumors are true.

Xmas shopping is difficult – even in October

I am looking for a couple things for family members for Xmas, and I plan on buying them in early-November, and a lot of stuff is back-ordered until after Xmas from their respective retailers! I will still get something for everyone (really I am just buying for the moms, my two sisters, and my Great Nephew), but I would like to get exactly what I want to get them, and not have to compromise at all. Or wait for the delivery of what I DO compromise for (and yes, one compromise was already made in terms of a gift due to the item being back-ordered). Nevertheless, I will get all that done in November, and then have December monies free for whatever.

Now, I finish coffee and carry on with the day. Back later.