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some loose ends (decluttering)

I had this oversized tote in my closet for 2+ months now. It has a ratty DVD/CD player in it (that is too loud for my mini amp for some odd reason (probably broke)), as well as a Nintendo Wii (which is probably broke, too), and some other miscellaneous items. So, I packed it with more miscellaneous items, and it will go back to the 'rents for storage, because it is basically all their stuff to begin with.

I also have a zip-up hoodie for donation, as the photo showed it as brown, but it is very much so dark maroon. Don't like wearing it, away it will go.

And...basically everything else I have I derive value from, or is just outright essential/useful in my life. So, keep those items I will!

As far as an appearance sort of thing, I am sitting in my easy chair right now and see a mess of wires across the floor for the mini amp, speakers, etc. and I will have to “cover up” that wiring somehow. Really is ugly/annoying to look at.

And on the subject of appearances, I need to cool it with the decor for this apartment. I have bought a LOT of it in the past year or so. And I am more than OK with what I have (looks great!), but damn, it isn't like I am nesting or some shit. Less is definitely more on that front.

Yea, just keeping things simple.

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