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Sometimes when I feel stressed, I will declutter a bit. Or do something that I can feel good about. Something which I enjoy doing, that wouldn't ever be considered “difficult” or a “chore”.

Right now, I would like to declutter a bit, rid myself of some stuff, like this have done so many times in the past, bust honestly I am already at the point where there is not a much to donate, or even throw away. Some things I've noticed that are worth keeping that I obtained recently that I now cannot do without:

I used to not have these things, and life was more difficult for me. Not “unlivable”, just awkward when those things were needed. Oh, and a paring knife, too – much needed for fruit (and cooking, etc).

And in terms of stuff I “need”, but do not have:

And that's all. Haven't had a vacuum since 2009, and always borrowed one here and there when I needed one. It's on my “to-get” list, indeed.

I'd still say I was “a minimalist”, though. Some people can get by with just a backpack worth of possessions, and I guess I could, too (and have even considered it – even though I am mostly non-nomadic). But, I don't see the point (for me). But, maybe that's why I feel so dry/bored/lame/and out of sorts in recent months? I'm accumulating things as I stay in this apartment, and it may be getting to me. Some of those things I really love, and will keep. Others, not as much. I DO feel much better than I did before when I was burdened with the chaise chair, broken down stereo cabinet, and old mattress. Glad I rid myself of those things.

So, I am going to do a “once-over” for my apartment. See what really HAS to stay, and what is just totally extra.

Back later.

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