storm galore

Lights flickered a couple times. Torrential downpour here, and probably some flash flooding, too. Lightening all through the sky – very entertaining, all of it.

I am chomping down on nicotine gum, because I am sick of smoking the pipe for right now. Definitely need to change up the tobacco I have in the house, preferably to a nice English blend (e.g. Presbyterian Mixture).

Resistance bands exercises will come later. Looking forward to that. I've been consistent with them lately – every other night for over a week! :)

I feel good Right Now, though. Just feel healthy overall, so that's awesome.

So what is everyone doing tonight?

It's not a question I ask on the blog very often, because it is not like someone can just click “Reply” and give me an answer (not until comes along, anyway), so, I ask in the general sense – like, “I wonder what everyone out there is doing tonight?”

People I've met (online and offline), old friends, and partners, and former affiliates (aka people who wouldn't even know who tf I was even if I (re)introduced myself to them IRL), people who have come and gone from The Known Internet™ (as a lot of people have dropped social media in the past several years, only for me to never hear from them again), etc.

Do they matter?

Don't all people matter? Some are off in their own world, some people (as is the case with many friends IRL) are busy (or at least believing they are busy) with their own families, kids, school, etc. I don't spend much time thinking about those people, because for one they are making their own world a complete siphon of insularity, and two because they are (or are usually) the antithesis of who I am, and what I am about (which is a fairly independent person who is obsessed with ambiguity).

And to be honest, there are only a handful of (old) distant friends who I have any form of contact with. There were more several years ago, but some people burn bridges and whatnot, as it either makes them feel good or they are being self-destructive – but either way, it's their bed, and they can lay in it.

IRL, there are more or less a lot of “passive friends”, and they are people I value, and enjoying spending time with, but they are not “deeply deep” friendships where I would lay down my life for the other person or anything.

But either way, I hope they are doing well :)