Sunday AM Pipe Smokes

I just finished up a pipe of Paladin Black Cherry tobacco out of the Rossi custom pipe, and enjoyed the cool Fall air coming in through the sliding glass door, and now I am enjoying the “room note” that is left over from having the pipe. A lingering aroma of what smells like baked cherry Xmas cookies fills my living room/kitchen, and the cool air (somehow) intensifies the smell, and it is absolutely delightful :)

Later, I may step outside on the balcony and have another pipe, but I am in no rush now having just finished one.

But yes, it is Sunday, nada damn thing to do on the schedule, not even a hike, because I don't have the proper shoes for it yet, but I am chomping at the bit to get back on the trail, for sure.

Another day in the life. Back later.