supply chains are preposterous (a rant)

I would be talking about the supply chain issues the world is facing, but that would be trivial, because I cannot do anything about it, nor do I WANT to do anything about it. Shop local, instead? Or don't shop as much as before? Or, have a serving of humble pie and not worry so much that everything from everywhere isn't immediately within arm's reach at any time one desires? Yea, the latter.

But, I'm from a pre-globalized, analog-ish world and other than a few orders placed per year through a JC Pennys or/and Sears catalog, shipments and packages arriving at our doorstep were basically a non-issue for us. We rarely ordered anything, we just went down the street to the store and bought it in-person. So, this whole “supply shortage” (which, it isn't – it's a money grab for the most part) is less than relevant to a dogmatic minimalist such as myself, who needs but a few things shipped (mostly from within the U.S., and made in the U.S.) every couple of months or so. I mean, a lot of stuff is made in China (most things if we are referring to “Big Box” retailers – which is where the vast majority of people shop, I imagine), and China is not exactly a land-locked, neighboring country – it's on the other side of the world(!), so, maybe be less reliant on shit from a different hemisphere?

So, silver linings and lessons learned from this supply chain shortage? Well, the (actual) lesson, would be to shop within one's own country, or even within one's own municipality (if they can). But the lesson that will be fed to people through the media (that is also the polar opposite of the actual lesson we SHOULD be learning)? That “lesson” (or sound byte) will be some hot shit excuse to forgo some essential thing that a/the future generations depend on in order to meet “critical globalized supply demand” TODAY.

It's basically in America's DNA at this point: kick every tangible (and intangible) thing (or problem(s)) down the road to make the future generations pay that shit off on THEIR backs – because they're not born, yet, and they have no say in the matter (Buhahahaha!).

No wonder the population of the globe went over a cliff years ago – we just do/consume/use/produce everything in our monetary limit for the Here and Now, and pretend like there will not be anyONE (people) here in the next half century.

So, yay for existing before existence is not possible? I guess?