"blogging" since 2006

the part of the day where I write first thing in the morning

This usually doesn't go very well. Or I should say, nothing really useful ever really gets written, but, here I go anyway...

It's 5:50 AM, I have made coffee, and I did have plans to do laundry this morning (which I might still), but I am going to the 'rents tomorrow afternoon, so I may just do it over there. IDK. Likely I will do it here.

I feel like yawning but I cannot yawn (idk why I can't?) so instead my lungs feel like they are dysfunctional, and I feel like I am slightly suffocating, instead :/

Tomorrow I have a (virtual) therapy appointment, so that is good. Then I do a bunch of stuff at the 'rents in terms of yard waste cleanup, and random tasks that need to get done for this reason or that.

Dev stuff did not happen last night, because I needed a night away + I had better shit to write about. Not that I am doing dev to have something to write about, just that if writing seems like the more interesting thing to do on a given eve, I will simply do that instead of dev stuffs. Besides, I had some “decluttering” to do last night, which will continue through until I rid myself of this oversized tote that now sits in the middle of my bedroom. Hell, I even put the external display away in the walk-in closet (along with the MX Keys keyboard), because A) I felt I was becoming too dependent on them, and B) I am not doing any dev stuffs anytime soon (as in for the next couple of days, I think).

I sincerely think I am having an allergic reaction to something this morning. My lungs feel like I cannot catch my breath, and my eyes are watering like crazy. I don't have allergies to anything, so I don't know what it could be, but damn, it's driving me CRAZY!

Anyway, the coffee was good. I have the AC cranked in here to dry to thin out the air sort of, because humidity plays a role in breathing, too.

Whatever. On with the day.

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