web dev via “strings and chicken wire”

I think I am going to make my own homepage on a Linode VPS soon. Then I will not have to dole out $60 per year for a Carrd.co account, and just build/design whatever I want from scratch on Linode. It will be a “big” site, though – because everything will be linked from there, contain everything I want it to. It won't just be a simple list of links to other things.

Why do this?

Because it is the same amount of $$$ ($5 per mo, or $60 per year) for a Carrd account, but, I have more control over it (total control, actually). Plus, I get to learn more about web development aspects that I wouldn't normally learn about. Also, it is just a lot of fun!

Some pages I am considering for this project:







Basically, all of these will be .html files – nothin' fancy (though, there may be some JS included in some of it). It'll kind of be like the “README” link in the signature of each blog post I have on here now, but, better in some ways.

And yea, I am putting the question to myself, thinking “why bother?”, and the answer is: “it is something to do”. I've learned that (for me) web development is a “do what makes you (me) happy” type of hobby, and not something I plan on turning into a professional career, or even side gig.

It's a slog, a tedious task, and (at times) a struggle for me to do any type of “serious” web development activities. I can do a lot, put a lot of time/energy/effort into the hobby, and I learn a lot, and I love it – but damn, it doesn't come naturally to me in any way, shape, or form.

“They” (the University of They) say; “anyone can learn web development, programming, coding”, and I am 100% living proof that this is true. I knew absolutely jack shit when I started out, and I still FEEL like I am just starting out – that one day it will “all click” and it will be like The Matrix where everything comes together and makes me an unstoppable force. But this will not happen. There is stuff that I have learned, remember, retained, and I can do a lot of stuff quickly (and sometimes even easily), but I am fairly note-reliant in terms of consulting past documentation I have either written up myself, or have linked to other people's walk through's and whatnot.

I don't make anything “opensource”, and probably never will, because I simply do not know how, and may not take the time to learn how. And if/when I ever make a (complete) web application, all I can do is make it as simplistic as I can and hope that nothing breaks or goes wrong (which inevitably it will), because I doubt I would have the first clue on how to fix it, or where to look. I don't even use a proper code editor for my projects. I just copy/paste whatever code I come up with from the “.html” file, or “.php file” I have on hand and put it in their own “Files” on Atom Editor – no “Git flow” – no manipulating code within the editor, itself – nothing that a “regular” programmer would do.

So, that's what I have to say about my “strings and chicken wire” approach to doing/building anything on the Internet – it's all functional in one way or another, but I'll be damned if there is anything “Pro” about it.