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worked on Thanx, wasted some time

So db has been created (good)

Establishing a connection with said db in PHP is proving difficult (not so good)

I know where to look next, though (no further than my own server to find the correct syntax as to how to get the page to recognize the database connection (in PHP))

See, I already have a connection to a db on Thanx (the sign-up form), so now I have to figure out how to get a similar script to work for the textarea on a completely different page.

Will I do this tonight? No. Will I do it eventually? Yes.

[2 minutes later]

After looking at the code on the Atom Editor, I realize there is a LOT more that will go into all this than simply establishing a db connection through a few simple lines of PHP code. I mean let's face it, I got lucky that I found some good resources for getting the correct format/syntax/etc to get the sign-up form functioning properly at all!

Also (related), I have literally NO desire to reverse-engineer three to four separate .php files to get all that working with the textarea element. It would be a multi-week nightmare, and there is no way I am doing it.

And, I have no other avenues at this point (with the Thanx Project) to do anything OTHER than use a db in one way or another.

I either A) get the textarea element to work with the “messages” going straight to an inbox on the user's profile, or B) have the “messages” in the textarea to go to the user's e-mail on file upon hitting “Send Thanx!” (or in other words, “Submit”).


(and this still involves a db in one way or another)

I created (somehow) a “public hanging” inbox (that would then have “public Thanx” (or, public messages)) that when the person typed into the textarea something like “hey, you're cool!”, it would just “hang” there or “echo” itself onto that same page.

The only differentiating factor between seeing a “Thanx!” (message) that belongs to User 1, User 2, User 3, etc., would be the fact that the messages would be on that particular user's page.

So, I have the sign-up + login form complete. And people can get a personal page (which is /bio.php just redone with mod_rewrite to be /username (instead of bio.php)), so, when someone goes to, say, thanx.cc/tmo and they (hypothetically, if I go this route) would see the textarea element > type their message > it “echos” onto that very page, and that is where all of the “Thanx!” messages would live.


Why do it this way, instead?

It would eliminate the amount of .php pages I would have to consolidate. It would be (not unsimilar to) a “Guestbook” (of sorts). Etc.

However, I return to the fact that I would still need a db to accomplish this.

It's a lot of stuff. Will revisit soon.