Interpret however you want


I don't know what that word means
but I know how it feels
My ears hear it and it tells
The neurons something

I don't know if it's rightly known
but it doesn't matter anyways
My heart is tied now
To the all unknown

the overwhelm and the volume and the vastness of the world
tiny next to the vastness of the universe and the long long time
of light-years and wondering are we all alone or full of company because if it's a numbers game who would ever know

Kindness is all that matters
and like her sister she's leaving
as a different tribe and a wild thing
the mycelium leaving behind
roots in the old uncertain tree
tracing lines into the heart
Even though she hates to know it might die

Until then I am the sword and the fire
who has known not battle, secret
but stares straight into it's hell
imagining the worst
so as to save the sweetest most tender
wondering at the test
knowing full well it might fail
on the waters of the San Juan
but I'll be damned if I don't try

Lead or old age,
spend it well