This is somewhere I write my heart out NO CAP!

Figuring out is a log term thing!

We family members celebrated my brother's birthday yesterday at a nearby dine in. The food was good. Vibe was good. These moments are to be treasured. I try to keep them in my deepest pockets of my heart and mind, two copies! Also next week marks the last week at my native. I have been doing remote work since past few years!! ๐Ÿง—

I never participate in โ€œwhat should be your workplace like?!โ€ debates๐Ÿ‘€.

The food was good. Tomato soup is the default soup that we prefer, because it is good appetizer at that place. Also some folks would disagree with soup ๐Ÿฒ being an appetizer.

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The starter we ordered is called Dum ka tikka.

Dad loves dum ka tikka!!

It is basically Paneer, marinated in signature tikka masala and put in a handi. The handi is wrapped with tandoori roti's dough. This arrangement is put in a tandoor so that the paneer and the tandoor roti both get cooked. The tandoor roti getting fulaoed might be a marker that paneer has gotten cooked too!! See, I love food, yet I'm a socialist at food!!

My brother too is a socialist at food. He loves food, everybody does actually, but not that cheesy and choosy way!!

He left for Pune yesterday on 25th November for his work obligations. There's a lot of debate ๐Ÿ’ฌ around about it, which I want to touch on emotional front only.

Deep down my heart, I would seldom want to leave my native. Now after a lot of self analysis a.k.a overthinking, I have finally come to a wild conclusion. Most of us, belonging to lower middle class families rely highly on brain ๐Ÿง  and its power is oversimplified to us. This complicates things further.

One big takeaway that I took from my first job in 2019 was doing a day job is not the end goal, you are doing it just to keep that chool on the gas in the kitchen burning.

Rest of it is just figuring out until life happens!๐Ÿง