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Being creative outside the mission: Ben Horowitz (Part 2)

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The title is a powerful phrase, I would urge you to re-read it. It is effective in every context of the work that we do and the play that we love to do.

For example,

Being creative outside your day job,

Being creative outside your company,

Being creative outside your startup for that matter!

Being creative outside your VC fund!

Being creative while starting something of one’s own, i.e., being one’s own CEO, has two attributes when it comes to making decisions.

Andy Grove has a great book called “Only The Paranoids Survive“.

Ben mentions about the book by Andy Grove called “Only the Paranoids Survive“. The book mentions about the decisions that Andy took while converting ‘Intel‘ from memory business to CPU business.

Ben sums up those decisions as ‘war-time’ decisions. The other counterpart of these decisions is called the ‘peace-time’ decisions.

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