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Dwindling between per capita income and rising prices

I get that false sense of productivity when I keep listening to podcasts. Human brain if coaxed once to do things that copybooks say are productive, that activity becomes immensely addictive.

There are only the counter-productive statements IN the discussion that may inspire you to get out of that addiction. Listening to podcasts is always goood, I'd stick to that.

With this schitload of prelude, I listened to a 🦄 startup guy speaking to a prim and proper millenial YT influencer talking about the retail petroleum prices.

He believes that the stress should be on increasing the per capita income and not hue and cry about subsidised refined petroleum oil prices. Governance is a wholesome schitz. It has its labyrinth.

What my frugal brain didn't comprehend was in a country where most startups are becoming unicorns out of external funding and are still in debt, where the job losses were on tremendous rise in CoVid period, bare minimum is what most countrymen are expecting, dumbing down rising retail prices and emphasizing on something infinitely long term as per capita income was truly startling for me. I am someone who is trying to find a product market fit, with me being the product!!

Are you??