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'Finding the niche' conundrum

I have been writing on micro blogging sites like Twitter and LinkedIn since past few years.

Being there and writing consistently is something that is important when it comes to writing online and gain attention.

Writing on social media feels essential in instances of that attention one seeks. And it is all a fair game. The most common secret that every expert and proven player on social media talks about blockbuster content is 'finding a niché'.

There are two ways to find a niche largely. One is you can keep doing something, keep talking in front of camera and see what catches eyeballs. Then check for the stats and iterate what works. The other way is you find your calling and that majestically matches with audience's attention.

That is most lucky and equally rare case. Most creators—writers, video creators, podcast creators etc., go through the first route and that takes consistent efforts and time.

In my case I feel like I'm in most initial phase of that struggle and that too for like three years now. Keeping an open slate to learn new things and constantly searching for hooks to work things out that's what it takes.

What is your checkpoint on that road?!!

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