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Getting into Call of Duty Mobile

A dear friend recommended me the game in the first lockdown here in India. At first I was way... away from gaming and gaming on mobile was not on my list or fate anyhow!

The game looks pretty simpler while one gets accustomed to it. I am talking here about my cognitive adaptability while getting onboard at the game and how. So, at first all the colours and holding the game horizontally...all that was overwhelming.

I was in knowledge of how eSports are evolving in India. But never thought I would do something of that level just without earning any money😅😂.

Most high end games on mobile come with good graphics and audio these days and you need some degree of upping the anté to explore various levels of the game. And of course one needs friends.

That is an essential requirement. And if you come from a status driven society like India, it becomes an important attribute to have “friends” to do most cathartic activities and mostly cathartic activities.

I will be talking all around the game but not all about it. So in 2020, India was under lockdown owing to Covid19. In this time, a lot of upheaval happened on social media too.

Here in India Pubg was one big mobile game that was indulged into, by most teenagers to adolescents and many 'to be' adults. In this lockdown and first wave of covid, many Chinese apps were banned. This game had a huge...huge user base in India. (It still has!)

Banning the app created a void in mobile devices of many folks. Now, is an aggressive thing. The moment Pubg was banned, the Call of Duty started working heavily on their UI and overall experience and perks.

It is around that time I was recommended by the friend with that game. And now I'm trying my ways to limit its use.

Are you going through the same?