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My thoughts on the 'Money, Explained' documentary

I got a chance to view the Money, Explained documentary from the ‘Explained’ series on the Netflix.

It is marvelous in the sense that the OTT platforms like Netflix at least partly let the content be out of the purview of censorship.

Most of us are getting exposed to a variety of options in investing, precisely they are called instruments, I think! We are getting exposed to many financial instruments as such.

With more options comes more conundrum. I am no different to that situation. I was viewing the documentary series just yesterday.

It is a five part series that has titles that actually define the storyline of the episode. I preferred watching the episode on credit cards and the one on retirement risks.

I hail from India. Most of the content in the documentary is from US context. Still it is enthralling to watch how flat I can fall if I don’t plan my retirement being prone to a plethora of private jobs and job switching.

That might even be the case even if I plan my retirement and the inflation skyrockets!

The documentary takes us through various tax regimes that many nations takes its subjects through, inadvertently.

Most people from our parent’s age retiring from the government jobs lately and I think from now, going forward the white collar government jobs will be a bleak possibility for the unreserved category students in India.

I was going through the documentary with all these thoughts brimmming up!

What do you say about it? Have you watched the documentary yet?

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