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Nailing the hard things-Ben Horowitz (Part 1)

The title of the blog is the title of an interview of Ben Horowitz in conversation with Professor Tom Byers.

When you come out of school, you know some things but there are a whole lot of things you don’t know.

The opening of the talk is with an interesting management skill called the people’s skills. Most technical skills are highly appreciated if one has them. That what may go highly underestimated is the art to manage people.

What people’s skills means exactly beyond delegation of work is knowing what other people who are working with you/want to work with you. This knowledge about the people is in terms of knowing what their motivations are.

This analysis is equally important for the people with whom you are talking to and also whom you are not talking to.

On asking about the nitty-gritties, Ben has mentioned in his best seller book The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Tom asked a question about what made him write the book?

Ben replied with an interesting answer. Most management books are written with here’s how cannot screw your company. The real solution lies in knowing what to do post the screw up.

Most management related books are for peace time CEOs

Most venture capitalists tell the CEOs a secret sauce of hiring the A-players/employees which in reality may not be a secret.

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