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Numbers satiate numbers

The title is a bit confusing one right? Here’s what it is. Yesterday was scrolling through Instagram as most millennials and whatever Gen-Z are going through. (I’m former, by the definition that I believe I know.)

I came across a creator who ranted in her story about casting directors asking about the followers the audition goers have on instagram as a filter for getting an entry in to the audition. Yep, that was not that hard to read for me as a third party. But to imagine that pain that one goes through to reach all the way to a hitherto place in Mumbai and then hop onto the day that controls you in a city like Mumbai is very tiresome to imagine to begin with.

if you low key check the SEOs on the most blog content websites most content recommendations have some kind of number winning in it. For example follow this strategy using which I gained 17,000 followers on LinkedIn.

Every fourth comment on a verified account handle’s post is of some 1000s of followers at some hundreds of rupees and this is becoming more and more rampant with time. That day is imminent when Instagram will have high redundancy (both in colloquial and engineering terms) and AI will control content plunging on the platform.

Most Indian content on demand platforms have a tremendous recommendation engine that these Instagram like US based platforms don’t. Some day the creators will understand the value of those systems. Until then let me know your follower count on the public account!!