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Prioritising time, by Adora Cheung

Adora Cheung is a partner at Y Combinator, a bachelors in Computer Science and a taskmaster.

I came across her talk at one of the Y-Combinator summits tagged in one of the newsletters by my friend Sathya on Twitter.

It was more about and for Startup founders. I looked at it for productivity enhancement learning. I am writing header wise for this post just to organise my haphazard thoughts to match with my writing speed!

The KPIs

The most important thing when it comes to gauging our productivity is to know the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) we are treading on. Rather it is better to tap into and decide what KPIs we are treading on.

There might be ‘n‘ number of performance indicators we that may come up with our every day efforts we take throughout our day. It is direly necessary to prioritize which one are ‘key’ amongst them.

Real vs. fake progress

Real progress is the one that makes a real positive impact on the way forward. Real progress gives you a positive feedback on the way you have decided to move forward.

It determines whether your way is the right way or one needs to make a course correction.

It is good to keep weekly goals and a feedback checking mechanism in place.

Task prioritization

Journaling forms the important part to know what exactly we won and what we need to work on more.

An hour by hour introspection of the day can give a clearer picture. Logging our ideas into spreadsheet can be most efficient way to have an organized ledger of our goals.

It helps keeping a check on which goals we have achieved and to what extent. These goals can be graded to high medium and low.

Which amongst the above do you think is an important change to be brought about in your day to day life activities?

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