This is somewhere I write my heart out NO CAP!

Resigning the mediocrity timely, is a necessity

I mean that s**t. You may or may not! For me it has been a roller coaster ride. Cash burn is a real thing and with time it is growing! Cash burn and runway are the two terms that largely determine the viability of a startup based on the cash flow it has to sustain the business.

That thing applies to an individual too. The more cushion you have for money, more ambitious you become with time. The ambition can be to go indie, to fetch more materialistic pleasure, to get more higher paying job, to find a partner and what not (You can name a few).

But with ambitions comes risk and I feel it is better to be somewhat fearful of present!

All my corporate work experiences have come with a tinge of bull*** work involved. This post is a tale of all the bull**** that I have done, going all out on this. The post has low distribution, hence this ordeal!

The first company that I landed in, was a vendor based job. The work culture was meant to be toxic by the book. We were not allowed to take smartphones inside the premises because there was reportedly and incident ice ages back when a third party employee fetched the data using the USB cable through the desktops.

WE used to use those button operated phone and smartphones were to be deposited with a token in exchange. There was a security guard apart from the receptionist employed for it at the office. The overheads were kept high for keeping that sh** in order!!

Worked there for one year and one month and thankfully, I am saying thankfully I lost that job during covid. I was unemployed for 11 months and that was highest amount of mental peace, productivities and learning curves that I went through.

Then I joined as an associate editor for a trade media company, in which my work was focused on converting technical information for military vehicles – army, navy and air force. It was a niche content writing and organizing job. Loved the process oriented work there but the reviewer who reviewed the work was most nagging one! I too made grammar mistakes and all at times, but he was, I don’t know, felt bitter! I like discussing people at times, because at times I want to be a shallow person!!

Between this job and the next one I applied for came a major twist, a revelation, that paved the way for the famous Naval anecdote -

you put me in a hitherto place with an internet and ask me to reach from 0 to 1, I can do it now!!

That turning point was when I wrote a marketing based article for a startup called Wint Wealth and published it on Substack. Just after that, I posted the link to it on Twitter and tagged the founders and the product page in it! And I asked for a job to them! Yes I did. Niralajjam sada sukhi!

To my utter and happy surprise, one of the founders wrote below the thread, DM’ming you and that gave me a different confidence altogether!! But again, my mediocrity and greed took over and I tried to get another offer from another company because wanted something around Pune (don’t love that place much, honestly). Got some hike and a job there and doing it for 10 months now.

Came across to interact with the coolest manager, get to sell myself high, the work was more than mediocre, the job was of a shadow asset, worked there remotely, currently serving notice period. The danger of job losses is glooming and I am trying to change a job in that market, fingers crossed! Parr I am also trying hard to build distribution by virtue of content! That is what I am trying to build across platforms.

That is my happy space, money is another. There is nothing like work satisfaction that exists in a day job, just that you and your parents at mental peace in between those moments. if you are able to do what you want to do on days apart from weekend along with your day job, then you are happy for sure!!

Keep working, hustle or not, your choice!!