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Struggle to learn something new

I try to discuss my struggles at the subconscious or cognitive level here. If you resonate with it, please do leave a trail in some way—by subscribing to my blog, dropping a comment sharing it with someone who needs it, anyhow.

So,..I started my day today on an active note. Woke up at around 7 a.m. Actually that is my upper threshold these days! I have added indoor cycling to my morning rather early morning routine. That is helping me to feel active everyday, maybe some extent.

The real struggle is not only being consistent with the exercise, it is also controlled eating. I'm a voracious eater. I eat out of stress, that stress is itself the craving for eating. Then I get curious about why I ate something.

Few months back I met a friend out of #openmics I did for comedy. He is doing a full time course in healthcare. I tried to woo him for guiding me through. He couldn't. He gave up on me, without letting me feeling bad for it. He wasn't the culprit. I am!

I have restarted that zeal again, now I feel like I have established an iterative model to loose close to 1000 calories, minimum 600 daily, yup that is the range.

Wish me luck!!

#ugichapla #startingover